A missed gift of breath

Yesterday I was all set to attend my weekly kriya after work. Unfortunately, I had to attend a briefing at Avaya out in Hearndon, VA in the afternoon. We arrive there at 2:30 and got out at 5:00. Traffic was terrible getting back into downtown DC and it took us an hour. By the time I got all my things together and rushed to the Metro station, I saw that it was 6:30, the appointed time for the kriya.

I felt really frustrated. All day I had been looking forward to my weekly encounter with the breath. I had skipped my morning practice (usually 20 minutes) because I thought I would go to the weekly one. I was in a bad humor all the way home, and it took me several chocolate-chip cookies to get my spirit up. I did a short practice and that compensated a little, but the short session does not leave me feeling as opened and purified. It sets the tone for the next few days — deeper lung capacity,

What’s more, I had consulted with the company doctor about constricted nasal passage when going during my yoga breathing. He said that I had vasomotor rhinisits and gave me several treatment options. I am using Neo-Synephrine to shrink swollen nasal passages. Just one spray open the nostrils up and I was looking forward to clean breathing through my nose. Warning: I am not supposed to use Neo-Synephrine or Afrin more than three times a week because it can cause the reverse effect (a rebound or clamp-down of the passages) if overused. Otherwise, I keep my nasal passage moistened with a saline spray. I even use a neti pot to rinse out my nostrils with salt water. Once you have tasted unobstructed breath, all else seems a poor substitute.