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New Age Rage: The Art Of Breathing: “The premise of the program is to perform ‘sudarshan kriya’ every morning for 25 minutes. If that sounds like the approach of Transcendental Meditation, it’s because Shankar was a disciple and associate of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi… Sudarshan kriya, which Shankar says came to him during 10 days of silent meditation in 1982, involves rhythmic breathing to infuse the body with oxygen and help rid it of toxins and stress. India’s ancient yogis considered fresh oxygen and calmness key to physical stamina, so breathing in tune with the rhythms of nature has always been an integral part of yoga.” This Associated Press article original came out in July 2004, republished on CBS News and I chanced across it today. I thought it was a well-done piece and reflects that the AoL work in India is roughly the same as in the United States.