New Art of Living group

This weekend I realized that I had not done the long kriya in nearly two months. My original group had stopped meeting because it lost its borrowed office space. I looked up another group in my area (Rockville, MD), made contact to confirm the meeting, went to Stephen and Amita Cupp’s house this Sunday afternoon and participated in the weekly gathering. It was a very Indian setting — we sat in a living room without chairs or couches, just a beautiful carpet. In addition to the long kriya, we spent some time singing AoL songs. Apparently my DC group was musically challenged and skipped the singing part.

It’s important to keep doing the long kriya because you can check your form and timing. I noticed that I was cutting my intervals in 3-part breathing too short.

Last week in my acupuncture session, Kelly told me that he was going to work at opening up my lungs and heart, in addition to dealing with my lower back strain. I noticed on Friday during my morning kriya that my breathing was exceptionally deep and fluid. That also made me want to do the long kriya as well.

It fits together.