Stress relief at the University of Texas through yoga

The university environment can be one of the most stressful settings and the Art of Living Foundation has had a long-standing program for students.

Art of Living UT promotes yoga to relieve stress among students: “While the 2 a.m. Wendy’s run for french fries and a Frosty is a frequent and tempting stress-management method for many UT students during finals, there is a healthier way to cope with the strain the ensuing weeks will inevitably bring: yoga. Art of Living UT, an organization based on the global Art of Living Foundation, offers stress management workshops and conducts service initiatives around the world. Its mission is to help individuals get rid of stress and find inner peace. Art of Living UT promotes these same teachings at UT through free yoga and meditation classes for all students throughout the semester. The UT organization will hold its final yoga session of the semester Monday, giving students the perfect study break before finals officially begin.”

The trick is for each person to find the pose, sequences or practices that allow the release of tension. It can take more trial-and-error than just taking a pill.

Here’s another story about yoga classes at the Hillsborough Community College (Iowa) and why the school was promoting it.