Home practice

I have spent the past week concentrating on my lower back and hips to try to restore balance to my yoga development. I have not gone back to the studio, either at TranquilSpace or Bally’s. The up side is that I have a daily home practice that concentrates on my weaknesses.

I purchased a book, Back Rx: a 15-Minute-a-Day Yoga and Pilates-Based Program to End Low Back Pain by Vijay Vad and Hilary Hinzman. The book is published by Gotham Books, New York. Vad is a sports medicine specialist in New York and has worked with the golf and tennis pro tour. He endorses a hybrid method because some routines in boht Pilates and yoga put undue stress on the lower back. His routines are three sets of about 15 poses. You’re supposed to be able to get through one routine without pain before moving to the next level.

I’ve also being doing poses for my hamstrings and rotators: Hips too tight? by Judith Lasater and Ease on the Back by Julie Gudmestad. Both articles had originally appeared in Yoga Journal. I only do the exercise that do not cause me pain.