One thing from my weekend practice

I was able to get into Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) this weekend and then slip into the bind with one arm around my back and the other one under my thigh, grasping my two hands behind my back. It had been one of those poses that seemed not fit me anatomically. My torso seemed too long, my hips too tight to allow me to get my torso down next to my thigh and, then, my shoulders too tight to fit under my leg. Then, I could not rotate my lower arm to get it behind my back and then cock up to reach for my other arm. The position requires the shoulders to bow back so that I can reach around my leg. A good example of the pose can be seen at the Asana Index at the bottom of the page.

It all sounds so complicated, but I got it yesterday and repeated again it tonight at Thrive Yoga. Eighteen months working to loosen up my shoulders, trying to make my shoulder blades touch, and it looks as if it’s finally paying off.