Teaming up on my body

I have diversified my methods to break through my physical limitations. I have been getting massage therapy for about 30 minutes about every three weeks at work. The focus is on my shoulders and upper back. I’ve also returned to my acupuncturist, Kelly Welsh, for treatment of the same areas, plus the hips. I’ve also tried to incorporate little yoga stretches within my work routine. The idea is to apply multiple approaches to dissolve my tight, knotted muscles because I am not going to progress in my practice until I get passed this obstacle.

My first yoga class after my acupuncture session I noticed a difference immediately. I was much looser  and more open in my shoulders and hips, and I felt as if I were using a completely different set of muscles.  The next day, I had an antagonistic reaction: I felt as if I was too loose, as if I were swimming in clothes a couple of sizes too big. I was especially tired after the practice. I also had an emotional resistance to the experience and I had to force myself to focus and move forward. I also resisted writing down my experience. Only now, two weeks later, have I expressed myself here, well after the first impressions have faded.