A little insight into yoga anatomy

Leslie Kaminoff’s YogaAnatomy.net has an interesting video extracted from his Online Course, which illustrates the functioning of the lungs and abdomenal cavity: Breathing: The Accordian & the Water Balloon. Leslie’s Yoga Anatomy is among the best yoga anatomy references available. More details about his online course are here. It’s expensive ($2,200), but it is a nine-month program that drills down into the finer details of the human body activated through yoga. This year’s course started on October 6, but Leslie keeps release 5 minute segments of class video that contain little nuggets of knowledge, like the accordian and balloon piece.

1 thought on “A little insight into yoga anatomy

  1. Thanks for the great write-up, Michael!

    We will definitely keep releasing great nuggets with each week in the newsletter.

    Just wanted to let both you and your readers know that you can actually join the course at any time, and there is a payment-plan available. =)

    All the info can be found in the links you provided – thank you!

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