Breath work back on track

After a scare last week (bloody nose), I have restarted doing my pranayama, fitting in sudarshan kriya every day, followed by meditation. I just have to make sure that I don’t get too carried away with the exhales. As I knew from five years ago, sudarshan kriya and meditation make a compact fit, require modest amounts of time and really purge a lot of mental and emotional toxins. I don’t practice Sahaj Samadhi meditation because I tend to need a technique that allows me to pin my mind to something and return to it frequently, but it allowed me to start a structured meditation practice.

Over the past six months, with multiple demands on my time and energy, I’ve had to strip my practice down to the bare minimum — or less, which is when I start noticing that my personal gyroscope starts wobbling.  The essential factor is daily practice.  Sure, it would be great to push my meditation to an hour a day (not in one sitting, my monkey mind can be lured into stillness for short lapses), but I’ve got to keep this practice manageable; otherwise, I will just talk myself out of doing it.

This blog has also been cut back to a minimal expression because I am in survival mode.