Acupuncture, breaththroughs and convalescence

Last night my yoga class really rung the last ounce of energy out of me. I had noticed that I had good flexibility in my spin, being able to do twists that had proven hard, if not impossible, before my acupuncture treatment last week (But it could also have been due to continuing work that I’ve been doing since I injured my lower back a month ago). I was more flexible, but because my stiffness and rigidity had been propping up my core, I struggled to hold positions. My breath got out off control and I had to drop out of a couple of poses. I committed myself to accompanying my body through the process — not judging it or getting discouraged.

Later at home, I really felt drained. I had a late supper and went to bed. I got up this morning still feeling fatigued, and dragged myself to my acupuncture appointment at 9:00. One hour later, I was re-energized and feeling fine. I had spent about 20 minutes on the table and felt as if I had taken a long nap. Kelly Welch also prescribed some Chinese medicinal herbs to help improve blood flow.

In general, my back is much better. The day after my first treatment, my ache was no longer concentrated on one side, but had dissipated across my whole lower back and lessened. It was like a knot had loosened. Over the weekend, the pain became an afterthought. I only had a twinge of stiffness in the mornings when I got up, and that usually disappeared before I was out of the door for work.

Over in the Moving into Stillness forum, a participant said: “Sounds like you got a dedicated doc! I’d say that you are one of the lucky people.” He’s right.

I have not posted here much over the past few days because the acupuncture treatment has loosen up some other emotional things that I have been working through in a private journal. I don’t want to turn this blog into a confessional.