An intangible threshold

I took a break from blogging these past few days because I needed to catch my prosaic breath and I was just physically exhausted. On Monday and Tuesday, I took two Level-2 vinyasa classes at Flow Yoga with my daughter, Stephanie. I felt pretty good after the first class, but the second one really made me notice that my body had not completely recovered from the previous class — the strength was just not there, especially in my core, thighs and shoulders. By the time I got home last night, I just wanted to eat a light dinner and then go to bed. I got a full eight-hours of really deep sleep, which is unusual for me.

But I notice that throughout these intense sessions, there was a subtle shift in my body’s conditioning. In most practices in the past, there would be a moment when I’d say “What am I doing here? Why am I putting myself through this torture?” These past few sessions, I was waiting for that threshold to be reached. I may not have the flexibility or strength to get into a particular pose or through a transition, but I never let that bring me out of my focus. There were poses when I was in way over my head, but I just explored the approach and space into those poses. It’s intriguing that a milestone so intangible could seem so significant to me.

So tonight, I am taking it easy. Doing some pranayama, meditation and core strength conditioning. And I’m getting to blog a bit.