Back in stride

I have a great session at TranquilSpace Yoga tonight. I was a fast paced routine and we all worked up a sweat. I also signed up to attend a Tranquil Space’s workshop – Prana: The Breath of Life to be given by Darren Main. I got the last open spot for the Friday session. Main is also going to give two other weekend conferences. Main’s best known book is Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic. My instructors are always quoting from that book.

Despite the fast pace of the session, I was able to keep up pretty well, thanks to my steady work on conditioning and daily practice. I have my usual obstacles, but take them in stride. This was the first challenging yoga session since my weekend retreat intensive. I came out of the session invigorated.

My intention tonight was to celebrate myself as a survivor — I used my first senior discount.