Back to the mat

Teresa and I outside the El Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain on our vacation earlier this month.

I took in a Vinyasa Flow 2 class at Thrive Yoga with Lisa Johnson teaching this evening. Although it was a demanding class, I felt really comfortable within my body and the parameters of the class. Lisa is a really thorough Anusara teacher who goes out of her way to explain and demo what she’s asking of us. Sometimes, she showed us herself; other times, she had one of the students follow her instructions and she adjusted. We did a lot of prep work for handstands and other inversions, especially getting the arms, shoulders and torso correctly aligned. Lots of work against the wall. Because I have tight shoulders with extremely limited range of movement in some directions, I appreciated the opportunity to explore my edge. Even though I worked up a sweat, the class did not push me aerobically, which was fine with me after yesterday.

So I walked out my the class without any of yesterday’s complaints. I’m glad that I did not skip my yoga class because I was afraid of repeating the experience. And now, I’m pushing my bedtime back so that I can jot down these ideas before the trail goes stale.