Class report

Photo: yoga class in Warrior I pose
Virabhadrasana I at the Master Class at Thrive Yoga

At the hatha yoga class today at Thrive Yoga, the class was led by Susan Bowen, rather than Marylou McNamara. That meant that Susan led both my 2/3 vinyasa flow class yesterday and the entry level class today (hatha yoga is the class that graduates from yoga fundamentals at Thrive usually take, when I looked around today I noticed that there were several people who had attended the 2/3 class the day before). It allowed me to follow through on my mindset from yesterday with the constant of the same teacher.

First, there was still a flow in today’s class, but the sequencing featured simpler poses as building blocks and a slower pace so you might not even have known that you were flowing a vinyasa-style class. I think that I got into my yoga just as deeply as I did yesterday; I certainly sweated enough to show that I head built up some heat.

Where I noticed a difference was in my hips, more specifically the muscles where each thigh bone inserts into the hip socket. For the past two months or so, I’ve been splitting my evening yoga session between spinal twists and forward folds. I can tell that I am accessing a different set of muscles when sustaining Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) or other poses that require firm support from the hips down. I am less worried about strength than I used to be because I want to release tightness.

Note: This blog entry got stuck in my draft folder and I did not get around to finishing it until Tuesday so the time frame may be confusing when I talk about today and yesterday, I’m referring to Sunday and Saturday.