Completely exhausted — so what gives?

In my previous blog entry, I said that I was “back in stride.” I take that back. Yesterday, I went running at midday and barely got through an abbreviated 2.5 mile route on the Mall. Admittedly, the sun was strong and the temperature was several notches above what I’ve been running in. I was drained by the time I got back. In the evening, I had a commitment to take in a vinyasa one class with my daughter at Flow Yoga Center. Once again, I was really fatigued by the class. I got home, ate a quick, light dinner and then went to bed and slept for eight hours.

I have done this “running and yoga in the same day” thing before and been fine, just what would be expected in terms of physical fatigue. I’ve even had to calm myself down after a double sesison because my yoga practice frequently restored my energy levels and made me more alert.

I do have an inflamed throat that may be a sign of another sinus infection, which would explain some of the fatigue since the infection would drag on my energy levels. Just confirms that I need to listen to my body and follow its signals.