Dead legs and a released core

I ran again today at midday, committed to getting my stamina and wind back. I took the full three-mile route on the Mall at an easy pace, but my legs felt like tree trunks, wooden, heavy and unforgiving. I wish I had kept up a more rigorous exercise regime during my vacation, but that’s asking a lot. Considering how much time I spent on my feet and walking, I’m surprised that my legs seemed so out of shape.

I finally got my first yoga class in more than three weeks, going to Thrive for a Level 2 class with Dana Cohen. She gives a very athletic class, with sensitive, deep adjustments. It was Dana’s last class for a while: she’s going on what she calls her “summer tour,” and will be missed. When I walked out of the studio, I noticed that my body core and legs felt completely different, unrestrained and balanced. That must be one of the things that yoga does for my body, I said to myself.