Finding my edge – the day after

Yesterday I participated in a workshop at Thrive Yoga about how to understand and apply the concept of “edge” in yoga. Today, at my normal yoga session at the studio, I felt that I came closer to feeling the edge and practicing close to it. Susan Bowen led this class as she did the workshop.

When we moved into the dancer pose (This example shows the most advanced stage of Natarajasana or see the Yoga Basics’ version closer to what I did), I surprised myself by how easily I got into the pose. This is a pose that combines several obstacles for me: balance because I am standing on one leg and hip flexibility because I need to move from an upright position to the full expression of the pose. Normally, I would need a wall to support me or at least within reach. One reason that I managed it this time was because I did not over-think the process; I just drew back (kind of removed my ego from the picture) and focused on the experience itself. When I was in the pose, I felt an emotional surge as if I were tapping an internal source deep within my hips. I don’t know if I did the pose correctly; what mattered was the look within.

I came close to the edge several other times during the session. Tonight I am really tired, physically drained so I must have dug really deep.