First yoga practice in a week

Foothold at yoga workshopI find it hard to start blogging again by touching on either the Brian Kest workshop (last weekend) and my brother’s funeral (Friday). The first’s too expansive while the later’s overwhelming and painful. It’s easier to start with something simple: this is how I felt today on the yoga mat.

I had my first class in a week. It was a Hatha yoga class with Lisa Johnson at Thrive Yoga (Marylou McNamara, the normal instructor, was probably celebrating the Celtic New Year). I wanted to ease back into my practice slowly and gently. The biggest surprise was being able to get into extended side angle pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) with a bind for the first time since the August 2008 workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh and my knee injury. For some reason, I had been unable to grasp my hands behind my back and around my front leg, probably due to tightness in my shoulders as well as how deeply I could fold into my forward leg. I had purposely been holding back from trying to muscle my way into the pose. This time, I just eased into the pose without giving it a second thought.

The other surprise was a couple of bouts of dizziness when I came out of intense side stretch pose (Parsvottanasana). Normally, I am not prone to dizziness, but this time a sudden rush of blood hit me like a wave. I had to drop to child’s pose to be on the safe side.

Finally, when I came out of yoga class, I noticed that I was really hungry and thirsty. My irregular eating during my trip had probably depleted a lot of energy stores. Instead of going to the gym to get in some aerobic training, I simply headed home to fix a smoothie.