Four in a row

I made it to my fourth Thrive Yoga class in as many days, thanks to working only a half-day for the first four days of the week (I like to feel that I’m essential to the operations of my employer so I have to wean them gradually off my services before taking off for the Holidays). I have not been trying to push my limits, just show up each afternoon and approach the practice simply, humbly and calmly. I don’t want to make more complicate than it has to be. And I’m still feeling the ache in my hips from all the openers that I was doing in yesterday’s Yin yoga class and today’s vinyasa flow session. I am tired, too, even though these were “easy” classes.

When I am consistent in my practice, I see many kinds of dividends. It makes me want to establish something minimal each morning to serve as a systematic foundation.