Getting in some yoga before the big snow

Photo: Leaning into triangle pose I made it to Thrive Yoga tonight and got in a hot vinyasa class before the region is shut down by a huge snow storm heading our way. I suspect that any yoga I fit in over the next four days will be in my own study or living room. We’ll see how long it takes everyone to dig out. Despite the sweat dripping from head to toe, I repeated to myself, “Don’t work so hard, Mike, grace and ease.” It seemed to soothe my mind and body as we went through the sequences of postures — until the instructor, Stephanie Rosenblatt, led us into abdominal work, and then I just caved in after a couple of sets of bicycle crunches.

These winter storm are becoming a real pain in the butt. It shuts down studios for 2-3 days so that means there’s a hole in my routine, and shoveling snow does not make up for it. Home practice starts to look like a necessity. Where have I heard that before?