Golden rule of yoga practice

Photo: Yesterday I broke a personal rule about my yoga practice. I talked myself out of going to yoga on Monday evening because I was tired, had things to do at home and did not feel all that gung-ho about doing yoga. I thought I would be able to grab my Tuesday night class, as usual. I had even talked my wife into taking the class with me. Well, another snow storm moved into the DC area and Thrive Yoga canceled the evening class as a precaution because of the bad weather. To make it an even bigger downer, both evenings at home got sidetracked and I did not get to be as productive as I wanted.

I have this personal rule for a reason: I grab classes when I can, as early in the week as possible. All kinds of circumstances crop up to interfere with my yoga practice and there are only a specific number of classes at Thrive Yoga that are available to me, unless I don’t go to work. For all I know, I’ll have an urgent task at work or the Metro will be delayed and I’ll miss the Thursday class.

Of course, the skillful response to this predicament would be to have a complete daily home practice that would satisfy my yoga needs. Instead, I’ll be lucky to get in 20 minutes of meditation before going to bed.

My second rule of yoga practice is that I get up the next day and try to do the best that I can.