Heads to the floor, feet to the sky

I had a great session last night at Flow Yoga. Angela, our instructor, had us gradually work towards doing Salamba Sirsasana (Supported Headstand). We ended up using the wall and “flirting” with the transition into headstand. Along the way, she point out several checkpoints that we needed to watch to avoid injury and ackward attempts at headstand. For instance, she made us aware of how our arms had to carry most of the weight and not our necks. By checking her students in the preliminary steps, Angela made sure that we all had the body strength to sustain a headstand.

At the end of the headstand preliminaries, we were all confident enough to make the leap [the wrong word for the physical movement, but correct for the mental predisposition that we acquired] into headstand.

After the headstand practice, my daughter, Stephanie, had some cramping in her chest and shoulders because she was using muscle that weren’t used to the exercise so Angela had us do Ustrasana, Camel pose, as a chest opener to compensate for the strain.