I’m clumsy only when I move

I’ve noticed that I can usually hold most asanas individually, but when they are combined into vinyasa sequences, I have problems with the transitions, especially around the hips. For instance, tonight at Thrive Yoga, we were moving up from Reverse Warrior to Warrior II into Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana), in which I transition into balancing on one leg and a hand on a block. I never seem able to make the same movement twice; I’m wobbling in and out of the pose; I easily lose my balance and fall out of the pose. It’s also a completely different feeling working with the left leg forward from the right leg.

(On the other hand, with Sun Salutations A and B, I’ve done the sequences thousands of times over the past three years so they’ve become second nature to me.)

I am sure that this problem is related to my “spinal knot” — the tightness of my hips, spin and shoulders. If muscles are clinched permanently, they are not going to allow for smooth movement.

A tip of the hat to my teacher tonight, Andrea Creel, who says she reads this blog regularly, bless her heart.