Learning something from my daughter

Photo: headshot of female teacher at yoga studio
My daugh­ter, the yoga teacher

I had a spe­cial plea­sure today in my hatha yoga class at Thrive Yoga: the class was led by  my daugh­ter, Stephanie. We’ve been going to classes together since 2004, and she went through teacher train­ing in 2006-​​2007 at Flow Yoga and then took addi­tional train­ing at Thrive this past year. She’s been teach­ing com­mu­nity and kids classes and sub­bing at Thrive. She’s been bug­ging me for months (or a year) to take one of her classes, but her teach­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties and my sched­ule always seemed out of sync. Finally, she filled in on a Sun­day morning.

I think that the biggest com­pli­ment I could give her was that after the first five min­utes, I for­got that she was my daugh­ter, and just cursed under my breath that she was kick­ing my butt in high lunge and War­rior II. It was still a hatha classes, strong on fun­da­men­tals and focused on breath­ing and body aware­ness, but it kept up a good flow so that I felt touched in my whole body at the end. It cer­tainly was a test for my ego, allow­ing myself to be guided by my daugh­ter through a yoga rou­tine and hold­ing back from tak­ing a pic­ture of her in the class.

Stephanie’s been teach­ing a lot over the past week or so because there have been a lot of class open­ings. Susan and Dave Bowen, the Thrive Yoga own­ers, led a group on a retreat in Hawaii (and tak­ing some leisure time while they’re out there). Hope­fully, there will be many other oppor­tu­ni­ties for Est­eff (as she prefers to be called — it’s a long story).

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  1. Dad, thanks for such a beau­ti­ful “review.” I was so ner­vous to have you in my class too! For what is worth, after I sat in my teacher’s “chair” I for­got my dad was in my class. It made me so happy you finally attended my class! It meant a lot.

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