Making progress? Exploring thresholds.

My yoga instructor told me today that I could probably move up to the Yoga 2 class at the TranquilSpace studio. That’s flattering, but I still don’t know if I’m ready. Th e main difference is that there’s a lot of jump-backs and forwards that pick up the pace. Although I’ve loosened up a lot over the past four months, I don’t know if I could keep pace and handle the more challenging poses. Today, I had to go down into Child’s Pose about three-quarters through the session because my breathing was out of control — I could not coordinate it with my movements so I had to pull back and rest. It might have been the heat or my endurance.

Speaking of approach, I found an interesting reading list put together for a teacher training program at TranquilSpace, mainly for those from other yoga traditions than vinyasa (the studio’s style). I knew of most of the books, and may read some of them, but my capacity to absorb more nuanced discussion of yoga is limited right now. My brain is more saturated than my body.