Mercy at the studio and on the track

No running yesterday because I took pity on my legs after jogging two days in a row. Instead, I went to Flow Yoga Center to take a vinyasa class with Stephanie, our first class together in over a month. I’m glad that Steph picked a level-one class because my shoulders and biceps were sore from the previous evening’s class. The nice thing about level-one classes is that they make you concentrate on the basics — form, breathing, ease.

Today, I ran with a work colleague who kept up the pace and made me call for mercy two-thirds of the way through. But I put in my time, just as I show up on the mat.

I am sorry to be boring people with whining about how hard it is to get back into the swing of yoga practice and running. It just makes me feel my age and the risk of atrophy. I will try to shift into more engaging subject matter.