Progress report

Two evenings in a row I’ve hit the mat at Thrive Yoga, once with Teresa Beerman and then with Elizabeth Pope, both of whom pushed me pretty close to my rather pronounced limits. I had to keep reminding myself to hold back, move slowly through the vinyasas, and take child’s pose when appropriate.

My injured knee has not been a handicap and I have not had to back off of any pose. I don’t, however, do any of the poses that put a lot of torque on my knees, usually the hip openers. By the way, even though my right knee was injured, I treat both knees the same. No one has advised me to do that. It just seems the right thing to do to maintain balance in my body.

Inversions have been one group of poses that have caused some problems. My four-month lay-off has led to an accumulation of weight around my waste and weakened my core. The end result is that my breathing is hampered in inversions, and it forces me to come out of the poses early. Just before my injury, I was pleased that I had fuller breathing in inversions because I had eliminate my midriff fat. This is where I really miss my running because it helped keep the weight off without major modifications to my diet.