How to recover from a kick-butt yoga session

Easy—take a class the next day from the same teacher.

Yesterday, I took the 2/3 vinyasa class at Thrive Yoga with Sarah Wimsatt, who was substituting for this class for the first time. We had requests from several people to go deep in the hips. I was able to keep up with the pace, but Sarah did introduce a couple of sequences that I had not done before and ignited some muscle combinations that had been dormant in me.

At 9:00 pm in the evening, I noticed that I was tapped out energy-wise, and gave up trying to do anything productive that required attention and focus. I slept through the night. When I got up this morning, I immediately broke my promise to go to the 9:00 am yoga class because I felt my body dragging and stiff. My hips and lower back were sore. Over breakfast, I debated whether to make it to the 10:45 am class or just chill out for the day. With some caffeine to speed up my mind, I packed my kit and headed to Thrive Yoga.

What do you know? Same scene as yesterday—there was Sarah W. at the front of class (1/2 hatha yoga) and several students asking for work on hip openers. I cringed inside. But Sarah knew she had a less experienced class with her today so she eased into the hip openers much more gradually. By the end of class, I had worked out the stiffness in my hips and back, re-energized my body and mentally tagged a couple of poses that I want to work on during the week.

We’ll see what time this evening I tap out of energy.