Searching for a new yoga opportunity

On Tuesday evening, my wife and I went exploring at another Bally Fitness, Wheaton, where yoga classes are given. Brand new facilities make the exercise space inviting, especially since it has hardwood floors and a wall of mirrors. The area was also separate from the rest of the gym so it was quiet, without the clanking of weightlifting machines and other distractions. The instructor was an older guy, bald with a flowing white beard — he kind of looks like Dr. Adam Weill. He led us through a eclectic routine that included Tao Chi and yogic chanting at the end. He gave good verbal clues for the postures and movements. It was not as physically demanding as my other Bally instructor. It was the first class in the new facilities so it may not be indicative of the usual routine.

The reason that we started exploring is that my Bally instructor at the Rockville gym is cutting back to just Sunday morning classes. Both gyms offer these classes free of charge — it’s part of our monthly dues.

I’ve been holding back on my more structured classes at TranquilSpace because I still have lower back pain and do not want to stress it. I do miss the more physically challenging classes and the closer supervision of the instructors.