Slow and easy

Photo: clasped handsI got in two classes at Thrive Yoga this week: a vinyasa flow with Lisa Johnson and a hatha class with Marylou McNamara. Neither made me work up much of a sweat, but that was not why I was taking them. I was seeking to get back in the groove with my yoga practice after a two-week gap in classes: I did not want to overreach and aggravate one of my injuries or get a new one.

I have a heel spur that flares up when I am savasana. I think that some fatty tissue has moved out of the way in my heel or just worn down with age, and a little bony protrusion sticks out. When I let my legs relax, I put pressure on the bone spur. It does not make for a very restful restoration phase in my practice. It was really bad last week because I wore running shoes on the flight to Miami and it really irritated the heel. It took me two days of soaking it in ice, massaging and stretching it to walk without a limp. I can also feel how the heel injury affects the rest of my body and my way of walking.

I’ve also had some issues with my core, especially between my rib cage and hips. At my last class before my trip, I had something like back spasms, and afterwards a sore back. I don’t know if this is due to not being able to activate the correct muscles or some other issue. It has not been an issue for the past week or so, but I am anxious about it resurfacing.

On a more positive note, I realize that restarting practice after a short layoff is a good time to work on form and alignment because my muscle are looser and willing to take new directions and angles.

In any case, both classes went well. I enjoyed just being in the now of the poses and flows. I trust both instructors and feel challenged by their lead.