"Why didn’t I think of that before?" Department

I have mastered a small maneuver when moving from Downward-Facing Dog to Lunge that saves me a hassle. I used to move one leg forward, then drop the opposite knee to the floor so that I could use both hands to get the forward leg directly under my shoulders. It made the whole transition between Downward-Facing Dog to Lunge a more complicated process than it had to be, breaking the flow.

Obviously, the ideal would be for me to swing my leg all the way up between my hands in one graceful, flexible movement. But remember that this 55 year old is trying to erase decades of sitting at a desk.

I now move one leg up as far as I can reach (I am getting closer to my target, especially after warming up a while). Then, supporting my weight on the opposite arm and leg, I scoot my advanced leg forward with the free hand. It’s mainly a question of a little more strength and balance. It’s faster than what I had been doing and fits into the flow better.

When I’m in the middle of a vinyasa at class, I don’t have the time to think through the best way to modify the pose or movement. I just want to keep pace with the class. During home practice, however, I can pause (a button on my DVD player) to step through the movement and find an easier way.