Why I’ve stayed at Tranquil Space Yoga Studio

I’ve been going to Tranquil Space in DC for the past three months. It’s a pretty important choice so I guess I have to have good reasons. I took one look at a yoga class at Bally’s Health Spa and decided that I could not mellow out in that kind environment. The weightlifters were ogling the girls doing down dog; the runners were trotting past the instructor every 30 seconds.

I wanted a place that was close to my work place. Routine is crucial to my discipline. I get off work after 5:30 and walk — mindfully — 20 minutes to P Street near Dupont Circle. Just enough time to wind down before my class. I get out of my yoga class and walk five minutes to the Metro station. How convenient is that? Tranquil Space is the closest studio.

The quality of the instructors has been excellent. I’ve had a steady rotation of instructors — Adriana, the original instructor of my time slot on Thursday — is off in Cusco, Peru so there have been substitutes and substitutes for the substitutes. And I’ve dropped by on a Monday and Tuesday evening. I don’t think I’ve had a teacher who’s turned me off. The vinyasa style preferred at Tranquil Space suits me well. Admittedly, these have been Yoga 1 classes so they are not going to be demanding but they have always stretched me — made me feel the edge of the my body.

The studio is located on the second and third floors of a townhouse so the quarters are tight. Dressing rooms are intimate, to say the least. But there are thermoses of chamomile tea all over the studio, and animal cookies served after each session. It’s been open for exactly a year.

I have never met Kimberly Wilson, the young woman behind the studio. She seems to be a sharp business woman. She’s coming out with her own line of yoga clothing. She has audio CDs. From what I understand, she’s trained most of the instructors at her studio. We’ve had apprentices seconding the instructors in several of my sessions.

There are some excellent yoga studios in the DC area so I could probably switch to others, at least get exposed to them. I’ve thought about going to the Astanga Yoga Center or Unity Woods Yoga Center where the Iyengar master John Schumacher teaches. Both are near stops on the Red line on the way to Rockville where I live.

Have I answered the initial question? Probably not. Let’s just end it by saying that Tranquil Space makes me feel special when I show up. I suspect that most other students feels the same. For the time being, that feeling of being special is one of the things that keeps me on the mat.