Yoga class before isolation

Photo: I took advantage of the unscheduled leave option and early dismissal at my job due to the looming snow storm (my employer, an international organization, follows the lead from the Federal Government) to get in one more session of yoga at Thrive before being trapped in my house for the weekend. Between fitting in a couple of hours of work and getting some time on the mat, I’ll take the yoga this time. Next week, probably, I’ll have to give priority to work.

Stephanie gave another hot vinyasa session at 9:30 and it was about the same as last night. The only difference was that my muscles were showing signs of fatigue. I had not had enough time to recover from the exertion of the night before. The room was full so there was plenty of energy to carry us along so it was not hard to let the sequencing take me through the process. I just had to take a break once in a while to allow my breathing to catch up. I noticed that I was able to get into lizard pose (Utthan Pristhasana) much deeper than I had in the past, a sign that my hips are opening up. I can get both forearms down to the mat without having to compensate.

After class, I ran around making grocery purchases to get us through a long weekend, checking on my parents, filling up the gas tank and other errands. In the evening, the snow started to pile up and I did two rounds of shoveling sidewalks, parking space, and our back patio (our dogs need access to some free space to relieve themselves). By the time this snow storm is over, I will wear out the shovel.

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