Yoga makes news in the summer heat

Wilted Lotus Pose in today’s Washington Post described a yoga class at DownDog Yoga in Georgetown when the temperature outside was pushing close to 100 degrees. The premise of the story was that while most people seek the shade and cool quarters, some people actually put themselves into a kind of pressure cooker. The story also had a photo gallery with striking shots of sweaty yogis braving the heat and humidity. One picture showed a woman in wheel pose with bug-eyes, kind of like in a cartoon. I am sure she will get ribbed for the bulging-eye effect. The closing line of the story was:

When the students step out of the studio, it’s 92 degrees, and the evening feels cool.

I actually did yoga yesterday, but at Flow Yoga. The walk to the studio was more grueling than the session. It was a Flow 1 level so Debra had mercy on the novices and did not push it to an extreme. I’m going to Thrive Yoga, but the temperature is a lot less today, low 90s.