You have to be in Down Dog to appreciate the humor Yoga Classes Play Up the Lighter Side opened the year with a chuckle about the use of laughter in the yoga studio:

“I do think there’s a trend toward lightening up in the yoga community,” said Kelly McGonigal, 31, the editor in chief of the International Journal of Yoga Therapy (found at “Mostly around the rigidity and humorlessness of doing things ‘the one right way’ &emdash; always having to get better, feeling like every yoga practice has to be one big self-improvement project.”

I was struck by the lameness of some of the attempts at humor cited as examples of a trend in this article. I really had to search for some text to pull out in a quote. I suspect that the context gives more meaning to the words. The point about yoga being taken too seriously is right on target; I am guilty of it myself.