BuddhaFest – DC-area event for June

BuddhaFest: a film festival with talks & meditation” will take place at the Katzen Art Center at American University on Thursday, June 17 through Sunday, June 20. Dharma talks and meditation will be led by noted American teachers Tara Brach, Lama Surya Das and Sharon Salzberg. Details are still missing from the site, but I have it on good word that it will be fantastic. It is sponsored by the IMCW, the Washington Buddhist Peace Fellowship and the AU Office of the Chaplain.

One thought on “BuddhaFest – DC-area event for June

  1. This is so very cool!! As a wannabe filmmaker of "conscious" films and a practitioner of meditation and yoga, this makes me so happy! I'm not in the D.C. area, but still, it gives me hope.

    Thanks again for this!

    Yoga Thailand

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