Catching up on the DC yoga scene

I’ve been so absorbed in my day-time-turned-evening job over the past few weeks that I did not have a chance to point to an article that appeared May 8:

The struggles of D.C. area yoga studios – The Washington Post
Yogis don’t like to talk about competition, and most owners will deny there’s any tension among local studios. But Schumacher acknowledges that the businesses are vying for students’ attention.

A few weeks ago, I noted the closing of Ashtanga Yoga Center at the end of this month. Yoga has to be commercially viable in order to have an impact on mainstream culture in the United States. The market is the medium for sustainability. The Post scratches the surface about the costs of operating a yoga studio, and “amenities” like cookies are the least of owners’ concerns. To survive, owners need to have a creative, flexible business mind without losing touch with the spirit of yoga. That’s a difficult balancing act. That can include finindg new ways of offering yoga, like combining spinning and yoga, although technically it’s a fitness center offering the class.

Closer to home, my home studio, Thrive Yoga, offers classes for climbers at Earth Treks. But the new twist at Thrive has been the incorporation of Aerial Yoga with Silk Hammocks – practitioners are suspended from cords hanging from the ceiling and play a different kind of leverage game with gravity. The classes seem to be booked up well in advance. I have not had a chance to try it because I’ve been away from the studio for the last two months.

Oh yeah, May 13-20 is DC Yoga Week, as the Post announces, but you can actually read the full details on the DC Yoga Community site, and the traditional highlight of the celebration, Yoga on the Mall, will take place on Saturday, May 19, weather permitting.

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