Crime stains a yoga gear store / updated

Washongton Post – Woman killed, another sexually assaulted at Bethesda Lululemon store (the original story of the break-in at Lululemon Athletica):

Police declined to say how the homicide victim, identified as 30-year-old Jayna T. Murray, of Arlington, was killed. But law enforcement sources confirmed a horrific, bloody scene inside Lululemon Athletica, part of a chain of stores that began popping up across the country a few years ago. The stores sell yoga and sports clothing and are designed to give shoppers a sense of calm.

Sad to see that a place where yoga is practiced (Lululemon frequently holds yoga session in their commercial space) is tainted by this criminal violence. It really seems odd because this is a part of Bethesda that should be extremely busy, even following the closing of shops. This kind of crime is rare around the DC area so I can fathom why it happened.

Update: Full list of stories  both from the Washington Examiner.

Second Update (March 21): Brittney Norwood appeared in court today (March 21) for killing Jayna Murray, according to the Washington Post. Over the weekend, police work turned Norwood from a victim of sexual assault to the perpetrator of the murder, apparently to avoid being uncovered as with stolen merchandise. Jayna’s parents went on national TV this morning to talk about her life.

This story is so bizarre and disconcerting, even after the original tale of two men dress in black stalking Bethesda commercial real estate came unraveled. You just don’t expect yoga to be the backdrop for an act of violence worthy of crime novel.

Latest Update: The Washington Post provides a full write-up about the court appearance and Norwood’s background. This will probably not be the last we hear of this tragedy.

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