Curvy Yoga founder Anna Guest-Jelley to teach a class in DC

I think this news is just as big as Shiva Rea or any other big-name yoga teacher giving a workshop in the DC area. Curvy Yoga founder Anna Guest-Jelley will teach a class in D.C. :

 The Washington Post says:
Anna Guest-Jelley thought something was wrong with her body, so she went on 65 different diets. Then, 15 years ago, she tried something that actually made her feel better: yoga.

But instructors didn’t always know what to do with her larger frame, and prodded her into uncomfortable, squished positions. Guest-Jelley remembers thinking, “This isn’t being talked about. I must be the only one who experiences it,” she says.

So the Nashville, Tenn., resident got teacher training and developed Curvy Yoga ( Since 2010, Guest-Jelley has certified 158 instructors worldwide — including one in D.C. and two in Alexandria — in her hatha-based body-positive yoga for people of all shapes and sizes. She’ll teach a class in D.C. next week.