DC Area Yoga studios page gets an update and new feature

In an act of penitence, I have gone through all the website links on the DC Area yoga page and made sure they work. It was embarrassing to click on some of the first links and gotten a 404 error. Directory pages, which are made of inventories of links are hard to maintain because the site owner can redesign the site and change the page names and I have no way of knowing. It means I have to link check regularly. The DC Area Yoga page is the third most visited page on the site so people must find it useful so it’s worth it to keep it current.

While I am at it, let me also announce that I am implementing a DC area yoga map. So far, I’ve been able to get in most of the Montgomery Country yoga centers. This is a slow process, and I have not been able to progress as much as I had hoped, which is why I did not announce anything until now.