Jivamukti invades Washington in March

Photo: Sharon Gannon and David Life I need to put up this news item before it gets stale or overcome by events: Sharon Gannon and David Life, the co-founders of Jivamukti, return to the DC area from March 27-28 at Flow Yoga Center, they’ll lead four amazing workshops incorporating all the elements of Jivamukti yoga: asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), chanting, meditation, scripture, and spiritual insights. They alternate leading the sessions. This workshop series is for those practitioners who want to remake their lives along radically different lines. Debra Perlson-Mishalove, the Flow Yoga Center owner, will probably have to go outside her studio to hold this event. Otherwise, there’s not going to be enough room. In any case, you definitely want to register early in order to guarantee your slot.

Correction: in the blog entry’s comment, Debra provides more information about the locale for the workshops, the Franciscan Monastery at Catholic University, which opens up for 175 participants. She expects those spaces to sell out within a week, so the call to action still stands.

2 thoughts on “Jivamukti invades Washington in March

  1. If I had thoroughly read the information about the events, I could have avoided the misinformation about the venue but then there would not have been an opportunity for Deb to send her xo.

  2. thanks for the post! it is at another locale – the beautiful franciscan hall which is a couple of miles from flow (info on the website). we have 175 spots per session – this is less then was available their previous visit! each session will have a minimum of 2 very experienced assistants! as you can imagine they are selling quickly – and will most likely sell out in another week or so! xo deb

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