New Yoga/Meditation Center in Bethesda

Washington Post Breathing Properly Puts the Body in the Right Frame of Mind:

Exercise can often seem like the opposite of relaxation. Our goal is to exhaust our muscles, shoot our heart rates up and overcome the competition (whether that be a person or a personal best). But performance actually improves when you figure out how to keep your calm while exerting yourself. “Breathing badly is something that’s going to make you fatigued faster and hurts form, and that’s what gets you injured,” says Emory Land, a triathlon coach and assistant general manager of the Vida Fitness location at Logan Circle. “You’ll never reach your potential.”

Missed this article when it came out a couple of days ago. Also this points to a new yoga studio, Mindfulness Center, at 4963 Elm St. in Bethesda. It’s stronger on the meditation side of practice (as obvious form its name) than yoga, but it does have classes.