NIH CORE Week gets nice advance write-up

The Washington Post gave the NIH CORE (COnditioning and RElaxation) Week (February 9-13) a nice curtain-raiser for the event in A Free Opportunity to Give Your Body and Your Brain a Boost:

The offerings include a talk by Acklin, a neurologist and founder of All Is Well Yoga, on “Responsibility and Empowerment in Creating a Life of Vitality”; a time management workshop; an intro to the “energy-balancing” practice of reiki; a whole lot of Pilates classes; and a number of surprises, such as a hip-hop dance tutorial led by CORE Week organizer Rachel Permuth-Levine.

The fact that Rachel has earned good street cred allowed her to get such a nice writeup before the event actually took place, which is when you need the publicity, not after the fact. Of course, I should have spotted this article earlier in the week and pointed to it, but at least I posted about the NIH CORE Week before. I hear that all the sessions really went well.