Open spaces for yoga in downtown DC at new studio, but…

Express Night Out (Washington Post) A House Divided: Strength Meets Yoga at Stroga highlights a newcomer on the DC yoga scene.

… Stroga resides in a mansion with floor-to-ceiling windows, stained glass, chandeliers, exquisite detailing and, most important, a heck of a lot of space. The entire second floor will be devoted to classes that can fit up to 125 people — comfortably. “There will be a foot between mats. We want people to be able to do a pose without getting a foot in the face,” he (Doug Jeffries, the co-founder of Stroga) adds.

Jeffries is a smart businessman, as seen with his four Results gyms in the downtown Washington, but in this article he only provides a partial strategy for his yoga venture — the facilities and amenities, but what kind of yoga is he going to offer?