Thrive Yoga

Washington Post Tranquility in a strip mall?: “Transformed by carved Buddhas, earth-toned walls and even a trickling indoor waterfall, the 4,000-square-foot center focuses on the practice of Vinyasa Flow, a form of hatha yoga that integrates breath and movement in a fluid meditation, and targets the practitioner for whom yoga is more than just a gym activity to fit in between the elliptical machine and weight training.”  This neighborhood studio in Rockville got a mention in a big time paper. Bravo! Even though they’ve been open less than a month.

I also got flagged by Rachel, alias YogaRachel, who is going to Thrive for her regular injection of vinyasa. She liked this blog and decided to start her own, Mindfulness / YogaRachel. She also encouraged me to drop by Thrive. I probably will have to — maybe, this week.