Accidents and tools in life

Photo: two fingers all that's neededNot much posting here in this corner of the blogosphere lately. The reason is that my mother fell this past weekend and fractured her hip and right elbow. She was hospitalized for four days and then released to a rehab home where she will probably spend a couple of weeks, if not more. The experience of seeing my mother in intense pain and not being able to do anything about it gives new meaning to the definition of helplessness . At 90 years old, she’s not prepared for this type of painful injury, and the whole bundle of medical emergency and information overload has been overwhelming for her and my dad. This has meant that Judy, my sister, and I will have to take a more active role in their health issues.

Of course, you can also through in the overload of work from by my 9-to-5 job because of the extended downtime due to the DC blizzard, so I’ve been forced to work extra time to catch up.

All that has meant that my yoga classes have been confined to the weekends, and anything that I can fit in on my own at home.

I was talking to a friend about how I could really use a yoga class and she responded with the question “Why wait?” I can deploy tools that I already have in hand from my practice. We immediately set up two little postures that I could use when I felt I needed the boost in prana:

  • Standing posture – a disguised mountain pose with my arms held in front with one palm over the other in a shiva or Buddha mudra (tends to have less muscular tension than other mudras) that seals in my energy.
  • Seated posture – in a chair, weight firmly over my sit bones, no slouching back, my legs crossed at the shins to relieve any tension in the legs; again, a mudra helps focus my mind.

Whenever I slip into one of these postures, I get the sensation that I am deploying my invisible superhero powers and they expand around me like an aurora.