Acupuncture treatment helped a lot

I woke up this morning and felt a big relief in my knee. The relief of tension that I had felt yesterday after treatment had continued after a night’s rest. Yesterday, I was really sore, and felt tired from the difficulty of walking and climbing stairs. I could feel the strain building up in my shoulders as I clinched with each step with my right leg. I have started icing down my knee this weekend. I previously thought that my knee did not show any signs of swelling, but today I did detect some puffiness above my knee, which may be a sign of inflammation. Another symptom is that I get pain relief from ibuprofen.

In other words, I am treating it as if it is an injuruy, not just a nick or ding that will go away with a little rest and time.

Another consequence is that I’ve gone up five pounds over the past four weeks. I have to cut back on my calorie intake due to the drop-off in my physical activity.