Another sign of my times

I had a colonoscopy last week, the first time in 15 years, which means that it was overdue. They found four polyps, all of which appeared to be benign, were extracted and then sent to a lab for a biopsy. I have not heard anything else since then. The procedure is intimidating because you spend a couple of days restricting your diet, a full day purging the digestive system of all contents (by taking some pills, no enema for me this time) and practically a full day recovering from the procedure because of the anesthesia (called conscious sedation) and the fasting. While I was under, I felt nothing and remember nothing of the procedure itself. I left work at midday the day before to start the purging and took the whole day off following the AM procedure.

As I’ve taken a renewed interest in taking care of my health over the past six months, a colonoscopy was the one health measure that needed to be put in place, especially since preventive care can dramatically reduce the risk of colon cancer. I could feel the anxiety building up inside me over the weekend before the procedure as I had to acknowledge that I should have done this a lot earlier. Fortunately, the worrying was cut short abruptly by the purging process.

I have to go back for my next one in three years because of my risk factors and my age. I will be less reticence to go because modern medicine has made the procedure as painless as possible, though it still not pleasant. But it’s really a necessary test for anyone over 55 years old. As far as how this all relates to yoga, I am now more aware and appreciative of all my body parts.