The body is weak

This is going to be quick.

I’ve been sick since mid-day Saturday. A bad case of diarrhea that has deprived me of nutrition, sleep, exercise, and even freedom, thus making it extremely difficult for me to think and write. I also had an allergic reaction to an over-the-counter anti-diarrhea medicine that compounded and extended the problem. I thought I had it solved at several points, but I was wrong. Even today, I had to hold off on my trip home from work several hours until I could be sure there would be no accidents.

It was a grueling, gross way to spend a long weekend, commuting between bed and bathroom, sofa and restroom.

I don’t know where I caught it: on Thursday evening when visiting my mother’s nursing home where there have been several outbreaks of gastrointestinal infection? Or early in the week when either my daughter or wife came home from their classes at area primary schools where there’s been an abundance of viral infections? Or just some careless hygiene around the house to set off food poisoning?