Coming back onstream

More graphics than you may want to see of my torn meniscus,
but I couldn’t resist.
Photo courtesy Dr. Graeter

Today is the first day in which I’ve been able to string two sentences together. I had my outpatient surgery on Friday afternoon, and was on pain medications until last night. I took off my surgical bandages yesterday, and now keep an Ace bandage to support my knee. I ice the knee as often as I can (15 minutes at a time). Yesterday, I was able to walk around without crutches. Today, I can climb stars. I can go down stairs only one step at a time, placing my injured leg first. The doctor says that I can start exercising on a stationary bicycle by next Saturday. I will get my stitches out early next week. I expect to be back at work tomorrow unless I wake up with a complication (say, overdid walking and stair climbing).

The operation itself went rather uneventfully. I had to wait about 90 minutes at the GW Hospital before they started the surgical prep. I guess they just want to make sure patients are on site and ready for the procedure, but it’s boring. I was briefed about the procedure and given post-operation instructions. I was wheeled into the surgery room and I was unconscious before I could take in the full surrounding. I just noticed that it was chilly.